Adaptive Clothing: Where Function and Fashion Meet

Adaptive clothing is an emerging movement in the fashion industry, built with the help of occupational therapists for clients in search of functional, fashionable choices.

Aging Incubator Connects Occupational Therapy and Nutrition Students

In 2017, the Aging Incubator launched its first Innovators in Aging Awards. Anthonia Seriki, an OT@NYU doctoral student, is part of a duo that received the award for graduate students. “The idea is to bring people together across the university who have an interest in research in aging,” said Dr. Tracy Chippendale, assistant professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy at NYU Steinhardt, “to promote research and interdisciplinary teaching and form connections across the university.”

How School Clinicians Collaborate to Help Students with Autism

It's important to consider how school-based occupational therapists (OTs) can improve the services they provide to students on the autism spectrum. How can these clinicians collaborate to ensure their clients receive the best care?

How Student Strengths Can Help Close the Autism Employment Gap

Focusing on a young person’s interests as a clue to career happiness seems like a given. But when children with autism show an interest in a subject, there can be a stigma instead of a signal to potential.

Faculty Spotlight: Judy Grossman

Judy Grossman, DrPH, OTR, FAOTA, has worked in the Department of Occupational Therapy in a number of different roles, including special projects, grant writing, program development, and teaching. In the following Q&A, Professor Grossman discusses her research specialties, the field of occupational therapy, and the OT@NYU program.

Can Occupational Therapists Help a New Generation of Children Learn Handwriting?

Written communication may increasingly become digital, but research is finding that handwriting is as important as it’s ever been. We spoke with Karen Roston (NYU Steinhardt MA ’96, DPS ’09) on how occupational therapists play a crucial role.