MBA@UNC Cross-University Courses

OT@NYU students can take the following courses from MBA@UNC, the online Master of Business Administration program from the University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School:

Marketing Strategy, Analysis, and Development
4 credits

The role of marketing management in organizations is to identify and measure the needs and wants of consumers, to determine which targets the business can serve, to decide on the appropriate offerings to serve these markets, and to determine the optimal methods of pricing, promoting, and distributing the firm’s offerings. Successful organizations are those that integrate the objectives and resources of the organization with the needs and opportunities of the marketplace. Our goal in this course is to facilitate your achievement of these goals regardless of your career path.

Course objectives are to critically analyze the task of marketing and to examine the major functions that comprise the marketing task in organizations, to develop an ability to apply marketing concepts to real-life marketing situations, and to develop a deep understanding of the applicability of the marketing concepts within the context of any specific business problem.

2 credits

Negotiations offers a basic introduction to negotiation with a heavy emphasis on the development of practical skills. Among other things, this course seeks to develop student capabilities in (a) analyzing your negotiation style, (b) planning for negotiations, (c) dealing with strong emotions, (e) employing “principled” negotiation techniques, and (f) assessing negotiations.

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