MPA@UNC Cross-University Courses

OT@NYU students have the option of enrolling in the following courses from MPA@UNC, the online Master of Public Administration program from the University of North Carolina School of Government:

Grant Writing and Evaluation
3 credits

Students will hone their grant writing skills as they critique grant proposals, draft their own grant proposal, and learn about the role of program evaluation in grant writing and grant reporting.

Technology and Community Engagement
3 credits

This class is about understanding community engagement, about how to get people involved with, invested in, and informed about your organization, and learning how to identify, assess, and propose the tools that will help your organization use community engagement to further its mission. We look at community engagement history and theory to understand what goals are achievable and desirable through involvement with your community. And we look at technology from websites and surveys to social media and online service providers, exploring strategies and tactics for implementing technology projects successfully.

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