Electives and Specializations

OT@NYU has been specially designed to foster your leadership in the field with myriad opportunities to customize your education. You’ll complete half of the program’s required 36 credits as electives and specialization courses (18 credits total). While the program is delivered 100 percent online, students do have the opportunity to take certain electives on campus if desired.

As an OT@NYU student, you’re able to specialize in any area that most interests you, provided the required number of electives with that focus are available. The program offers electives and specialization courses focused on leadership, clinical management of the upper extremity, autism, school-based intervention, family-centered care, and assistive technology. OT@NYU students have access to additional NYU courses that can be taken as electives for their program.

Leadership and Teaching Specialization

Students who seek to build their presence in higher education and in local, national, and international leadership may choose the Leadership and Teaching specialization. With this specialization, students can focus their assignments in their required courses on teaching and learning, adult education and pedagogy, and leadership related to their clinical area of practice in order to advance their knowledge in the theoretical bases, assessments, and scientific literature.

Students may fulfill the specialization course requirements with OT@NYU electives or through cross-university courses. Possible elective courses include:

  • Leadership in Occupational Therapy (OT@NYU)
  • Advanced Teaching Practices in Occupational Therapy (OT@NYU)
  • Promoting Family Resilience and Family-Centered Services (OT@NYU)
  • Disability in a Global Context (OT@NYU)
  • Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders (Counseling@NYU)
  • Clinical Management I and II (OT@NYU)
  • Application of Assistive Technology (OT@NYU)
  • Shifting to a Strength-Based Paradigm: Autism (OT@NYU)
  • Successful Intervention in Early Intervention and Schools (OT@NYU)
  • Clinical Anatomy of the Upper Quadrant (OT@NYU)
  • Assistive Technology for Learning and Participation in Schools (OT@NYU)
  • Teaching for the Health Professions (OT@NYU)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Theory and Application (Counseling@NYU)
  • Marketing Strategy, Analysis, and Development (MBA@UNC)
  • Negotiations (MBA@UNC)
  • Technology and Community Engagement (MPA@UNC)
  • Intercultural Communications (International Relations Online)
  • Politics of Global Development (International Relations Online)
  • Management and Policy Approaches to Public Health (MPH@GW)
  • Social and Behavioral Approaches to Public Health (MPH@GW)
  • Community Organization, Development, and Advocacy (MPH@GW)
  • Introduction to the US Health Services Delivery (MPH@GW)

Please note that not all courses are available every semester.

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